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Chama Valley Production
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Wire Rope/Cable

Aircraft Cable
7x7                                        7x19
Galvanized                            PVC Coated
Stainless Steel
Standard Wire Ropes
6x19 Class                             6x37 Class
Fiber Core                              Independent Wire Rope Core
Bright                                     Galvanized
Stainless Steel

Rotation-Resistant Wire Rope
19x7 Compacted                    19x19 Compacted
18x19 Compacted                   8x19 Compacted
35x7 Compacted                     40x7 Compacted
Bright                                       Galvanized
Standard and Metric Sizes      up to 48mm available 

Cable Laid
7x7x7                                       7x7x19

Specialty Wire Ropes
6x7 Sandline                            6x19 / 6x26 Drill Line
Trawl Cable                              6x19 Swaged

1x19 Cable                              1x3 Guy Wire
1x17 Guy Strand All Grades    1x19 Bridge Strand                      
3x7 Barrier Cable                     Galvanized
Stainless Steel                         High Performance Ropes